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Gunpowder & Earthworms

Gunpowder & Earthworms

You know …life is a funny, funny thing. Or better yet, maybe I should say the Good Lord has a tremendous sense of humor. In my late teens and early twenties, I dated a few hunters … heck, I live in Arkansas, that’s about all we have around here. But after a few lonely hunting seasons (which by the way … pretty much every month of the year can be a “Hunting Season” for something), I made a decision … I would marry myself a NON-HUNTER. And I did. #Jackpot

Oh, fast forward a few years. I birthed a little boy … EVERYTHING I always wanted, but just never knew it (sidetone: I was never very maternal. I always said I wanted kids, but I really knew nothing about them). He was perfect. Well, except for the fact that he didn’t sleep … at all .. for the entire first three years of his life. But that’s neither here nor there. He was perfect.

It wasn’t until the age of three that I came to a stark realization. Hudson had woken up early (4 a.m.) as usual, and this tire mom was flipping through the television channels looking – and praying to God – that something would catch his attention for just 15 minutes so I could doze. EUREKA! It did. Oh, it wasn’t The Backyardigans, it wasn’t Mickey Mouse Clubhouse … it was THE OUTDOORS CHANNEL! Gasp! As I glided through the channels duck hunting popped up on the screen, and in my tired-mom-stupor I let the channel linger for just a minute … just long enough to notice that my son was in a trance. And just like that, Hollywood Hudson was born.

Hudson is now 10-years-old .. and he the cutest redneck I’ve ever seen. LOL. He’s an excellent tennis player, he enjoys basketball (thank God, his dad is 6’10”), but his life literally revolves around hunting and fishing. And you know what, I’ve learned to be okay with. I’m not totally a hippy … but I must admit, I do cringe at the cricket and worm baits, the “trophy buck” pictures, and the mounted animals that are now in our house. Yes, it’s not what I pictured … but it makes him happy .. and when he’s happy, I’m happy. So I cope 😉

You know … life doesn’t always turn out just like we “plan” … and that’s okay. It’s all about what you make of it. I’ve learned to appreciate his skills and talents …. and to rejoice with him in his victories (I may cry in the bathroom later … haha). But we’re all different .. and for that, I’m grateful! It keeps things interesting!

Check out Hollywood’s latest youtube video:


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