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Kinda Loving These Things.

Kinda Loving These Things.

Ever so often I come across some things that I feel REALLY make life easier … and when I do, it feels almost ILLEGAL to my soul NOT to share. I know, weird huh? I know OMISSION is a form of lying … (I learned that while getting my Public Relations degree), so maybe that’s why I feel compelled to tell the WORLD when I find a great deal. Nonetheless, I like to share.

Within the last few weeks I have found several items that I have fallen in love with. Items that just make life a little less complicated. So here ya have them, folks:

Loving these new eye shadow palettes by NYX! Available at TARGET

FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender-5





Does anyone have really tangly hair? I do! And I have a LOT of it! This WET BRUSH is awesome! I can use it on MY hair AND my kids! It detangles easily without hurting (I know a lot of brushes CLAIM to do that, but this one really does)! Also available at TARGET! Comes in a ton of colors and patterns! So cute!



I guess I could easily just say this brand is one of my new cheap faves! Because here is my 2nd new fave from this collection! Really digging the baked blush from NYX at Target! Goes on really well, the color is rich-looking and it seems to last the majority of the day! Get it HERE (or click the pictures).

FullSizeRender-7 FullSizeRender-8


AND again … Loving the NYX dewy finish. You just spray it on over your makeup for a photo finish; this is a setting spray. Get it HERE or click the picture.


Beats by Dre just seem so … well, BOYISH (to me). Soooo I opted for another version in white and rose gold. Much, much pretty, huh? I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Parrot Zik noise canceling, bluetooth earphones. They are SO cool! There is an invisible control panel on the side! You can literally tap the center to pause your audio, slide your finger up or down the side to control volume, AND when you take them off your head they automatically pause your music (and it resumes when you put them back on). WHAT?! They’re AWESOME! Get them HERE (or click the pic).



New FAVE jeans. Okay, I used to consider myself a “jean snob” … my shirts could come from ANYWHERE, but my jeans were always the BEST and most expensive brands. I must admit, I still occasionally buy a pair of super expensive (in my opinion) jeans … but my new fave brand of jeans are from ZARA … and the best part, they’re SO INEXPENSIVE! My NEW fave right now are these vintage ripped cigarette jeans. I can literally throw them on and head ANYWHERE! The work at the ball park, for a girl’s day out … it doesn’t matter! They work for most anything … and they’re comfortable enough to wear ALL DAY LONG! Oh, and guess what?! They’re only $69! Get them HERE (or click the pic).


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock … you’ve been seeing LOTS and LOTS of backpacks out there these days. LOVING this trend. The backpack is no longer JUST for the “mom” … haha. That’s what I used to feel like when I carried a backpack. These days the backpack is for the fun, fearless, stylish female that is on-the-go! They are coming is so many cool patterns … floral, fringe, distressed leather … literally the options are endless! Here is a TOTES cute on by Tory Burch. Get it HERE (or click the pic).



I think I’ve gone from top to bottom … literally (I started at the face and have worked my way down to the feet). I got these shoes several weeks ago and I must say … they kinda go with EVERYTHING! I’ve been wearing them with shorts, skirts, maxi dresses, the jeans (pictured above)…. everything. Just when I thought the gladiator sandal was kindof played out … they came up with some REALLY fresh new styles this year… and I can’t complain. This shoe right here is my ultimate FAVE gladiator style. It’s kinda pricey (IMO), but worth it. It stands out and is super comfy! Get it HERE (or click the pic).




And that’s it! I’m sure I’ll come upon some new favorites shortly! But these are my beginning of summer MUST-HAVES! I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts and suggestions! COMMENT below!!! Have a great week!



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