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Office Chick & Her Felony

Office Chick & Her Felony

IMG_6887When I say, “There is NEVER a dull moment” with Hendrix ….. I mean it. Today, the boys were fishing a tournament, so we had a “Gals Day” as she calls it. We got up early, got dressed and ran into town … you know, Target, JC Penney, Hibbett …. the usual. Hey! We live in a small town … there’s not much to do! While checking out at Hibbett, Hendrix starts begging for the goodies around the counter; this time it was “QUENCH GUM.” And then began her usual frantic bargaining …. however, the inner tough mom swelled up inside and this time I said a clear and concise, “NO.” I’m usually
a total pushover for prizes at the store. But this time was different. We were on a mission – we had a baby shower to get to also for Gals Day – and we had to go!

As we were walking out of the store towards our car, I thought I’d have a teaching moment (after all, I felt prideful, I’m such a good mom, right? LOL) so I began, “Hendrix you didn’t need that gum. It was some kind of fancy workout boy gum (I really didn’t know what it was, but QUENCH did NOT sound like something I would personally want … so I figured she wouldn’t either). IF you really want some gum, I’ll grab you some that you’ll like at Target (our next stop).

I was so proud of myself. I’d said NO, she had moved on, I explained my reasoning and we were off to our next location. All was well …. that is, until I notice that “Office Chick” is being very quiet (not like herself at ALL), and as I look down, I see her hands fidgeting as she’s trying to conceal the QUENCH-freaking-GUM that she has hidden under the lace of her FRU-FRU dress. UM WHAT?! Did my child just SHOPLIFT?! AWWWWWwwhhhhh NAH!

Being the completely normal mom that I am, what do I do? I decide to scare the living crap out of her 🙂 After all, I need to ASSURE that this doesn’t happen again! I grab her hand and say, “Hendrix Kate! You better get that back to the checkout girl before she calls the POLICE! You didn’t pay for that! That’s called S.T.E.A.L.I.N.G.” We start the walk of shame back to Hibbett and …. I swear, Jesus must have decided to play a joke on Hendrix and help a mamma out, because directly to our left the police AND fire department were out in full force doing a “car seat” check station at Target! Hendrix. Thought. She. Was. A. GONER! Inside I was DYING …. but outside I tried as hard as I could to remain serious! LOL

Crying and beet red, at this point, because she was SURE jail was in her near future …. Office Chick picked up the pace (almost to a run) and made it into the store. She apologized to the employees and gave the gum back. Whew …. she was RELIEVED she had deposited the gum BACK to the store before the police made it to her 🙂 And this “Great” mom was now escorting her little their back to the car. LOL

Crisis Averted … and I think my point was made. You won’t be seeing THIS Yancey child shoplifting again!

Here are some pictures immediately after the “Situation” as we’re referring to it. I blew up the face …. this is what I call “Office Chick’s Mug Shot” … enjoy.
IMG_6848    IMG_6851IMG_6851IMG_6850









After this fiasco, we went on to have a great day! Celebrated a baby shower … then had a Mother’s Day dinner at night! Here are some pictures from tonight of ME with 2 of my favorite people ….the 2 people that gave me my FAVORITE “job” in life … MOM!

Super thankful for these 2 that made me a MOM!  @hunter_hud
Super thankful for these 2 that made me a MOM! @hunter_hud
Happy Mother's Day Eve Yall!!!!!! Outfit details AND a super funny "office chick" story on the blog later tonight!!!!!  www.TimieYancey.com
Happy Mother’s Day Eve Yall!!!!!!  www.TimieYancey.com

IMG_6890 IMG_6908

[Timie’s Outfit] Dress: Target | Necklace: Fringe | Boots: Same Edelman | Fringe Backpack: Target |

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend Folks!



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